We take responsibility for people and the environment and practice decency in the way we manage our business. This means that we treat our employees with dignity and respect; that we take responsibility for our corporate behaviour and ensure effective processes and documentation. We live up to all CSR guidelines, including anti-corruption, working environment, quality management, labour rights, and environmental standards.

"Success is about people, results, and responsibility. It is important for us to build strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers, employees, and business partners. We take pride in executing solid, high-quality craftsmanship and delivering good results in a proper and responsible manner."


The success of a project depends on us always delivering the very best results. Customer satisfaction is based on our competencies, our flexibility, and the confidence that we are always in control of processes, guidelines, and legal requirements.

That’s why we invest in our people. We keep their knowledge updated and certify them to ensure that they are always highly qualified – also to handle special tasks. We have employees with diplomas in HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) and all our people are HSE trained. We make sure that our people have good working conditions, that everything practical is in order and works so that they are motivated and can focus on what they are passionate about and are good at.
This also means that we expect customers to treat our employees properly.

We comply with local agreements, collective agreements, and with the laws and requirements of every country, we operate in.


We always maintain high standards to ensure that both employees and customers are safe. For us, the working environment is a top priority, and we are evolving in line with the ever-increasing demands in this area. It is important for us to provide the necessary framework and management of the risks associated with the working environment.



Therefore, we are certified according to ISO 45001, which is an internationally recognized standard in occupational health and safety management. With the requirements and guidance of the standard, we ensure continuous and systematic control of the working environment, evaluation, and targeted improvement of our efforts. This helps to reduce workplace accidents and create safe and healthy workplaces that motivate employees and increase productivity.


At DMA International, we work proactively to optimize and reduce our environmental impact. Therefore, we have chosen to implement an environmental management system, which is a systematic and documented way of handling the company’s environmental conditions. We expect to be ISO 14001 certified during the second quarter of 2022.

ISO 14001 is the most recognized international standard for environmental management systems. The certification is a guarantee that we comply with relevant environmental legislation and that we continuously set new targets for environmental improvements. Among other things, we work with waste management to reduce resource waste and always comply with local requirements and regulations in this area.

This means that our people handle and sort waste responsibly and for reuse and recycling. Another focus area is the maintenance of equipment and tools, which ensures a longer service life and minimizes material and resource consumption.


We often work on large projects with requirements for risk management, as well as management of processes and procedures, and where our services must meet legal requirements. This requires an efficient and structured approach throughout the entire value chain so that we always deliver high-quality services on time. As this plays a major role in our business and in the cooperation with our customers, we want to be able to document this.

That’s why we are in the process of certification according to ISO 9001, which is a quality management system that complements our other certifications within environmental management and occupational health and safety management. We use the requirements of the standard as guidelines for how to carry out our activities and we work continuously to improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and ensure that our people are always happy and motivated.

In addition to quality management, we are also working towards being certified in a quality system for welding workshops, ISO EN 3834.

Additional certifications:
Welding in metal
TIG welding
Welding in plastic
Welding in glass
MCAW welding
MIG welding
EN ISO 9606-1: 2018 – TIG 141 (GTAW); MMA 111 (SMAW); MIG/MAG 135/138/136 (GMAW; MCAW; FCAW); Multi-process 141/111; 138/136; 135/136; 141/136. EN 13067: 2012 – PE pipes welding.