Every single day, we provide manpower for projects across the world –

skilled people that we continuously train and certify. We actively use our experience and knowledge as experts in projects, in our consultancy, and in our solutions. We take pride in delivering solid, high-quality craftsmanship. This ensures good results and strong, long-lasting, and trust-based relationships with our employees, customers, and business partners. We put together tailor-made teams or provide individual competencies. On an hourly basis or at a fixed price, depending on the requirements of the project. Our people are specialized yet flexible and can, of course, perform a wide variety of tasks and solve challenges that may arise.

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Highly qualified, flexible and certified

Our blacksmiths and fitters are highly educated and possess specialized, professional skills. With their broad experience, they help provide innovative solutions for your installations. They are committed, have a high work ethic and show meticulousness. Recognized for their excellent work results, they are committed, have a high work ethic, and a meticulous approach.

Certified expertise

Continuously tested at our training center, our blacksmiths and fitters are educated in a wide range of areas such as pipes, mechanical installations, and steel structures based on drawings and descriptions. They are continuously tested at our training center. They often work with welders, they are flexible and they solve any challenges that may arise.
They have knowledge of all common and applicable pipe standards and materials, as well as the necessary techniques, methods, and procedures.


a strong team with specialized competencies

DMA has a strong team of experienced welders with specialized qualifications. They perform professional and quality-assured welding work all over the world. They often work with welds on special structures, such as boilers, tanks, steel structures, and pressurized pipes.

There is often a need for specialized skills and extra security in the work we do. Therefore, we constantly focus on upskilling and the further training of our welders at our own training center.

Our welders have a wide range of certifications:

Welding in metal
TIG welding
Welding in plastic
Welding in glass
MCAW welding
MIG welding
EN ISO 9606-1: 2018 – TIG 141 (GTAW); MMA 111 (SMAW); MIG/MAG 135/138/136 (GMAW; MCAW; FCAW); Multi-process 141/111; 138/136; 135/136; 141/136. EN 13067: 2012 – PE pipes welding.


reliable production and energy saving

Execution of electrical installations is subject to high demands. Our electricians are well educated and certified and live up to the best international standards. They have extensive experience with all types of electrical installations and are experts in devising the best solutions to ensure reliable production, for the benefit of you as a customer – and for the climate.
We take care of continuous upskilling to ensure that electricians are always at the forefront of electrical technical development and current legislation.

Our electricians’ expertise includes:

  • New installations and renovation
  • Building and automatic control panels
  • Process installations
  • Machine installations and repairs
  • Alarm and monitoring
  • Termination of HW MW LW

Technical insulators

Our professional insulators have extensive experience with tailor-made insulation solutions and cladding on larger projects. They carry out daily insulation of everything from pipes and containers to boilers, ventilation, and technical systems – especially for industry.

Our insulators have in-depth knowledge of insulation materials, insulation methods, and installation within virtually the entire insulation spectrum, which is crucial for the result, for the subsequent energy costs, and for your CO2 emissions.

Trained for special tasks, especially in the energy field, our insulators take care of insulation at power plants, heating plants, on ships, and much more.

All insulation projects are based on drawings and work descriptions or our customers’ supervision.

The insulators work with:

  • Cold
  • Heat
  • Fire
  • Sound
  • Vibration



We put together teams with differentiated competencies according to the needs of the projects. In addition to blacksmiths and fitters, welders, electricians, technical insulators, and workmen, we can also offer site managers and supervisors who can plan and manage the work – as well as experienced foremen who can integrate and interact with both customers and subcontractors’ teams. In addition, we can provide HSE diploma trained employees. Often these are people who have worked in DMA for many years and who have advanced under the auspices of DMA.

Skill requires ongoing training

At DMA International, we have our own training center. We keep their knowledge updated and certify them to ensure that they are always highly qualified – also to handle special tasks