Highly qualified professionals for energy and industrial construction projects – globally.


DMA International is a leading specialist in energy and industrial installation projects. Every single day, we provide manpower for projects across the world skilled people that we continuously train and certify. We take pride in delivering solid, high-quality craftsmanship. This ensures good results and strong, long-lasting, and trust-based relationships with our employees, customers, and business partners.


We work safely – and otherwise not at all. For us, safety is a cornerstone of our ethics and of the training of our people. When performing special tasks, we guarantee high security for everyone involved – even if it may require more time.


For us, decency is a matter of course. Always on top of legislation, we live up to all local requirements and collective agreements. Our terms of employment are good and fair, and we take care of all practicalities so that our employees can focus on what they are passionate about and good at. Only through decency can we retain dedicated people, ensure a good working environment and deliver good results to our customers.


As a responsible company, it is essential for us to work seriously and systematically with health and safety, quality, and with the environment. We want to ensure transparency and be able to document our efforts. For example, we have the respective ISO certifications 9001 (quality), 14001 (environment), 45001 (health and safety) 3843-2 (welding).


We are specialists in energy and industrial installation projects, marine, and maintenance. We have experience with mechanical and electrical installation at industrial plants, diesel gas plants, HFO – and biomass power plants, renewable energy and recycling industries as well as waste-to-energy.

We install components such as steel structures, cooling towers, tanks (both in black and stainless steel), flue gas cleaning, and electricity.

We also offer expert skills in relation to audits, commissioning, and commissioning processes.