Over the past years, DMA International has worked on a wide variety of projects in most of the world. On these assignments. DMA has worked at a fixed price or delivered qualified personnel on hourly terms.

Major tasks DMA International has been working on since 2016 include:

Project name Year Type of installation Delivered
Italy – Sulmona – Cassino 2021/2022 Gas Engine – power plant Welders, Fitters, Insulation, Site Management
Germany, Hürth 2021/2022 Cooling Tower Site Mangement, Fitters
Bahamas 2020/2021 Gas engine – power plant Insulation, Fitters, Site Management
UK, Hooton Park 2019/2020 Biomass – Powerplant Electricians
Bermuda 2019 Heavy Fuel Oil – Powerplant Welders Fitters, Electricians, Insulation
Serviceprojects, world wide 2018/2019 App 25 service- and commisioning projects at powerplants Fitters, Welders, Electricians, Insulation
Spain, San Sebastian 2018 Installation of boiler Welders, Fitters
Denmark, Herlev 2018 Emergency Power Generator HSE, Fitters, Site Management, Quality
UK, Tilbury 2017/2018 Biomass – Powerplant Welders, Fitters, Electricians, Insulation
Spain, Algeciras + Singapore 2017/2018/2019 Flowmeter installations – container wessels Supervisor, Fitters, Electricians,
Portugal, Celtejo 2017/2018 Gas Turbine – Powerplant Fitters, Electricians, Site Mangement
France, Novillars 2017/2018 Biomass – Powerplant Electricians
UK, Kent 2017 Installation of ACC Welders, Fitters
Mauritius 2016/2017 Heavy Fuel Powerplant Insulation, Fitters, Electricians,
Malta 2016/2017 Gasconversion – installation of enginesystem Site Management, Fitters, Electricians, Supervisor