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Do you want to work internationally for a company that values your skills and efforts.

At DMA International, we are always looking for highly qualified manpower to work at job-sites all around the world.

DMA International has extensive experience in working at large power plant and industrial sites all over the world. We are known for our good quality and our customers expect that we deliver on our promises, as such we hire only highly skilled manpower with relevant certifications.

We are looking for skilled people such as welders, electricians, pipefitters, scaffolders and insulators.

Many of our welders, electricians, pipefitters, scaffolders and insulators have been working with  DMA on many job-sites for many years.

At DMA International, not only do we offer a safe working environment, we also offer attractive pay packages, insurances, accommodation and travel  to and from the job sites.

If you are interested in working with DMA International, please submit your CV and relevant skills certificates below.

    Accepted file types: PDF, Word

    Q & A

    Is DMA International a recruiter and what does DMA International use my CV and professional skills certificates for?

    DMA International is not a recruiter. DMA International source qualified manpower to its own projects all over the world. DMA International will use your CV and professional skills certificates to determine whether you are qualified to work with DMA International. If you are qualified, DMA International will used your CV and professional skills certificates to ensure that your qualifications are matched with the right project.


    How can I sign up with DMA International and Make myself available for employment at DMA International work sites?

    Submit your CV and copies of relevant professional skills certificates via….


    What is the best format for my CV?

    We only accept CVs created in Microsoft Word, Acrobat PDF or Microsoft Excel. To make sure your CV will be indexed in our database, please don’t insert fancy HTML features into your CV document.


    Why do I have to upload my CV and professional skills certificates?

    Your CV is a valuable document as it contains information about your skills, certifications and perhaps most important your professional experience. Your professional skills certificates are proof of your skills and that you are compliant to international standards and as such you are allowed to work on any given work site around the world.


    Is there a guarantee for a job with DMA International when I sign up?

    No there is no guarantee of a job with DMA International. If you are qualified for a job, DMA International will offer you a job when a job becomes available.


    What happens when I accept a job offer from DMA International?

    You will be contacted by DMA International for:
    • Information regarding passport (for travel arrangement)
    • Possible invitation to a skills assessment
    • Issuing of flight tickets, working clothes, PPE, tools
    • Other formalities


    Can I turn down a job offer from DMA International down?

    You can turn down a job offer from DMA International at any time without giving any explanation and still remain in our databases for other job offers.


    How can I let DMA International know that I am no longer available for employment?

    If you no longer want to be available for employment with DMA International, you shall send an email to …. DMA International will then delete your CV and professional skills certificates from our databases.