Technical insulation

Specialists in technical insulation

Our professional insulators have extensive experience with tailor-made insulation solutions and cladding on major projects; eg. power plants. They carry out daily insulation of everything from pipes, ducts and tanks to boilers, ventilation and technical applications – especially in the industry.

Trained for special assignments

Our insulators often work at special projects in the energy field. They can therefore carry out insulation on eg. power plants, ships and much more.

Our team consists of technically trained insulators who have a great skills regarding materials, insulation methods and assembly.

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We install:

  • Cold
  • Heat
  • Fire
  • Sound
  • Vibration

All work is done on the basis of drawings and job descriptions or from the supervision of our customers.

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Our electricians have experience from both large and small industrial projects –
they are flexible in service, operation and maintenance and working hours. Furthermore, they are used to working on projects around the world.

Contact us about your individual needs – we will find the right solution for you.