Mechanical fitters

Flexible and qualified mechanical fitters

We know the importance of manpower who both exudes and exhibits great professionalism and care. Our extensive team mechanical fitters are therefore carefully selected and trained to perform both large and small scale projects in terms of installation and assembly as well as repair of pipes, steel structures, valves, ducts, boilers and much more.

Certified expertise

Our mechanical fitters are certified in a wide range of fields and works often in teams with welders. They are always flexible and can handle a wide variety of tasks and challenges.

All of our manpower are continuously trained and certified at our own training center.

Our mechanical fitters

  • Have knowledge of all current and applicable pipe standards and materials
  • Always ready with an innovative solution for your installations
  • Works daily with installations within eg. energy, marine, gas and water supply and industry
  • Know the necessary and innovative techniques, methods and procedures
    – Always meets prepared for the task

We have extensive experience working especially at power plants and within the industry; eg. in industrial buildings and power plants, but also on ships, hospitals and in normal buildings.

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Our electricians have experience from both large and small industrial projects –
they are flexible in service, operation and maintenance and working hours. Furthermore, they are used to working on projects around the world.

Contact us about your individual needs – we will find the right solution for you.