Why choose an electrician from DMA?

DMA International offers manpower for projects and customers who need well-trained electricians. We have extensive experience with all types of electrical installations in many different industries.

Our electricians handle the electrical engineering work on production, buildings and at other industrial installation; eg.  ships or power plants. Our electricians are experts in revision, energy optimization, new installations and can ensure you a reliable production. Our electricians work all over the world.

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Trained and certified manpower

We live in a world that is constantly evolving. That is why we consider it necessary and important that our electricians keep up with the development and always improve their skills. All our electricians are trained and certified, but we constantly provide upgrading in the form of training and further education.

This allows our electricians to always carry out their duties for the highest possible quality and within applicable law.

Our electricians have expertise in:

  • Building and automatic switchboards
  • Renovation and new installations
  • Process plant
  • Energy savings
  • Machine installations and repairs
  • Alarm and monitoring
  • Inspection of the building’s electrical installations

And much more!

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Our electricians have experience from both large and small industrial projects –

they are flexible in service, operation and maintenance and working hours. Furthermore, they are used to working on projects around the world.

Contact us about your individual needs – we will find the right solution for you.