When we deliver skilled manpower worldwide, it is with more than 4.500.000 hours of experience in the suitcase.

Our vision

We make a difference for your project – today and tomorrow

Our focus on the energy and marine industries coupled with our history of creating long lasting relations with our customers enables us to make a difference together with our customers.

This is why you should
choose DMA International

A trustworthy partner

At DMA International, we value strong and lasting corporation with our partners and customers. We are loyal, trustworthy and deliver second to none craftmanship. We abide by the rules and regulations of the countries we work in.

An experienced partner

For more than 16 years, we have delivered skilled manpower to projects all around the world. Our experience is our strength and is your guarantee of a good result.

A global partner

Our customers are both Danish and international companies building powerplants and maritime installations all over the world. DMA International delivers skilled manpower globally.

A flexible partner

We deliver the type of skilled manpower our customers need, when they need it and at competitive cost. Our people are used to working internationally.


We deliver to energy projects all around the globe

Do you have an ongoing or upcoming energy project for which you want efficient manpower? Regardless of the size of your job, we can certainly help accelerate the process – both as a supplier of skilled manpower, but also as a supplier at a fixed price. We do mechanical and electrical installation on HFO and biomass projects, renewable energy, gas and waste-to-energy. We install components such as steel structures, cooling towers, HFO-tanks, Flue Gas Treatment Systems, turbine and electrical installation. We provide manpower for revisions and commissioning processes.


We make a difference for your particular maritime project

Regardless of the project, we always create a team with the specific skills, that can make the difference for the end result. Contact us regarding repairs or installations on the journey, repairs or installations from HUB´s, engine repairs, steel work, revision of pipes, installation of mass flowmeters and ballast water treatment systems.

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